Seeing Grey (cassette)

by x=

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Sinistar Take one listen to Seeing Grey, and feel the unrelenting spirit of the 80s pound your headphones. The amount of care and attention this band puts into each piece, is astounding. I dare to say x= is the epitome of punk, and I swear to you that no other band will capture the true essence of the scene better than this project.
  • Seeing Grey (Cassette)

    Hand made package (designed by DK). Pagdon on Drums. DK on vocals, guitars, bass. Recorded by Dave Hidek at the wonderful Treelady Studios. Only a few left.

    Sold Out


First demo release from the Treelady recording sessions.


released September 13, 2012

Pagdon - Drums
DK - Guitars, Bass, Vocals

Recorded by Dave Hidek at the wonderful Treelady Studios in Pittsburgh, PA



x= Pennsylvania

x= is an ongoing punk/hardcore/post-punk influenced music project based out of the middle of PA.

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